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i want to reach out

i should not

god knows you

have not done much

to make me

want you

as i do now

i drip with it


  • this song…has got nothing to do with the post but what the hell>>> Bon Iver- Love More
  • Rihanna- Skin
  • *and this song as a bonus…just because…the vocals, the words, oh yeah! 


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So excited!!! * rubs hands together vigorously! Just came across some amazing poets and will post a poem done by one of them, the amazing Yrsa Daley-Ward, over here since sharing is the best way to describe how much i like her stuff, her use of words! Bliss! The title of one of her poems is “battle” and it’s beautiful.


Loving someone who hates


Is a special kind of violence.

A fight inside the bones.

A war within the blood.



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where did you go

i haven’t seen you in a while

this cannot keep happening you see

you promised

we promised

not to leave

don’t you know by now

my heart beats for you?


Paramore- Ain’t it fun

Empires>>>Touch the Sky turns out to be one of my favourite songs in this album. The words…”i touch the sky when my knees hit the ground…” And the way these guys always use instruments is worship in itself. So beautiful.


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Every. Day.

Spent. In.

A. World.

In. Which.

My. Mother.

Walks. And.

Breathes. And.

Smiles. And.

Laughs. And.

Cares. As.




Every. Day.

Spent. In.

A. World.

In. Which.

My. Mother.



My. Mother.


It. Is.



Glorious- David Archuleta *Cover by One Voice Children’s Choir

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Came across a post I liked today and decided to share…

What is the sound of thousands of Indians rolling their eyes?

This evening sitting in traffic, suffocated by a furious heat, I listened to the news on the radio. There is something odd about being alone in the bubble of your car, right next to someone else in their bubble, both of you listening to the same thing at the same moment. A shared experience expressed privately. As I learned of the identity of the alleged private developers who grabbed the playground of Langata Primary School, I joined thousands of other brown people in Nairobi snorting in their own air conditioned bubbles.

This was my inner monologue.

Seriously? Come on guys. Do they really have to be Indian!? Great. As if suffering through Brother Paul/Pattni wasn’t enough. Why do you need to go out and add another nail to the coffin that is ‘Indians are thieves and stealing this country.’ That’s like a Luhya going…

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There is a danger in too much self-examination. Song explains what I can’t seem to say now. >>>>>>